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Puppy Jumping

by Susan Salo

Running Time: 1 hour 23 minutes

Every course your dog will perform is mostly jumps, so it’s important that your dog approach jumps with great confidence and with an understanding of how to perform them. Susan Salo believes the development of jumping skills begins at the puppy stage. Start early to teach young dogs to read and drive a path to their target (and person), to understand how to react to distances that are constantly changing, and to do all this without producing extra strides where they are not needed.

Begin teaching puppies about the mechanics of the job ahead as early as four to six months of age. Because the DVD’s program is not about schooling puppies to jump height (jump bumps are used), it's safe training for your growing puppy. The focus is on imparting an understanding of jumping and on developing a sharp, flexible mind that can problem-solve. You will be surprised at how effortless the grids become for your puppy, and at how great the payoff is down the road.

Dogs that have been trained from puppyhood using Susan's jumping process not only really enjoy jumping, but also move toward a jump full of confidence and without rushing. They use their bodies in a way that makes the task of jumping look effortless.The Puppy Jumping DVD shows Susan working with a group of puppies of various ages and breeds. 

Note: It is strongly recommended that you watch the entire DVD before beginning this jump training program. The goal is not to perfect each jump grid and then move on to the next. Rather, it is to work on two or three different grids each week, varying the ones you select to train each time.

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