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Ouch! Resolving Puppy Biting


Irith Bloom - Reno 2016

Do you love puppies, but not their sharp little teeth? Do you find yourself getting bitten over and over? Have popular solutions such as “yelping” like another puppy failed you? In this video presentation, Irith discusses creative strategies for dealing with puppies that approach people “teeth first.” Topics addressed include proactive measures you can take to reduce biting, training games that teach puppies to keep their teeth to themselves, and emergency measures for times when a puppy simply does not seem to be able to stop biting.

Whether you are dealing with a young puppy going through the “it fits in my mouth so I must put it there” phase, or an adolescent that never learned to keep his teeth to himself in the first place, the techniques presented in this presentation will help you find the right approach to address puppy biting.