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Not a Drag: Teaching and Learning Loose-Leash Walking


Laura Monaco Torelli - Reno 2016

Mastering loose-leash walking skills is like cooking a good meal. You need the right ingredients, supplies, and an understanding of how to put everything together fluently and set up for success.

Whether you are the person teaching this skill, or the one handling the puppy or dog, it’s important to enjoy the process. And remember, what may sound like a simple behavior to some can be quite an overwhelming task for others. What is another important aspect? Knowing your human and canine learners’ reinforcement history. Have they experienced a stressful event that creates anxiety when it’s time to take a walk? Help them move forward as a team by providing immediate success points that make walking enjoyable for all involved.

Learn how to teach leash-handling and walking skills successfully in group and private sessions, including: 

  • How canine communication, canine body structure, and the appropriate equipment can help with proactive planning.
  • How to integrate TAGteach strategies into your lesson plan.
  • Empathic perspectives toward the human element, perspectives that translate to improved loose-leash walking skills.