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Look Away from the Dog

Theresa McKeon - Cincinnati 2016

Why look away from the dog? Because if you’re going teach a person to handle, train, or compete with a dog, you’ll eventually have to look at the person.

Don’t worry, this video presentation will demonstrate how trainers can switch their focus from the dog, to the human, and back again efficiently and without missing a beat. Through videos, lecture, audience participation, Theresa McKeon works through the details of human training when the human is in partnership with an animal (dog, horse, llama, bird, etc.)

Included in the discussion:
  • Finding motivation to focus on the human
  • Human or animal partner -- Who should learn which skill first?
  • Developing a dedicated curriculum for the human client
  • Describing to clients the benefits of training first without their animal partner
  • Detecting client’s hidden fears of training without their animal partner
  • The logistics of separating the humans from their animal partners in a class scenario
  • Identifying human behavior that can influence learning, including displacement behaviors and calming signals