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Know Way, Know How with Kathy Sdao

Running time: Approx. 18 hours

A 3-day seminar packed into 9 DVDs!

Know Way, Know How! is an in-depth journey into the science and practice of clicker training; it goes far beyond using the clicker! Learn the finer points of training, expand your repertoire, increase results and improve clarity so your dog (or student's dog) learns with speed, accuracy and less stress. Participate with the class using your own animal!

Kathy Sdao has been training since 1980, when she was part of a team that trained dolphins to solve complex cognitive puzzles. She has worked with marine mammals and now works with dogs and their people. Kathy has been lecturing nationally on operant conditioning, sharing her passion for the science of training and the awesome power of clicker training she has experienced with so many species. A dynamic instructor!