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Jolly Tug

Did you know the Tug-of-War was an Olympic sport in the 12th century BC? The return of Tug-O-War fun has arrived with the Jolly Tug! This toy features two bite areas, squeaky sounds, and a soft but durable exterior. Give your dog the exercise and entertainment he craves with the toy that puts the “fun” in functionality! The Jolly Tug is available in three sizes: medium (0-12 lbs, 4“), large (20-40 lbs, 5“), and X-large (60+ lbs, 6”).

Key benefits:

  • Two bite and tug areas on opposite sides of a spherical center
  • Soft to the touch, but hard-core in the squeaky department
  • Helps build muscle, relieves stress, and entertains your dog

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