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Introduction to Handling in Agility 3-DVD Set

by Linda Mecklenburg

Running time: 5 hours, 20 minutes

A must-see for all agility competitors, this DVD is of a seminar presented by Linda Mecklenburg at the Clean Run training facility several years ago. At the time, the seminar was recorded by Eric Larson and made available on the Internet via Livestream. This DVD is a copy of the actual Livestream of the seminar. For this reason, the video quality is not the same as it would be in the case of a live recording, and you can expect occasional dropouts in the audio. These issues do not affect the content of the material significantly, which is why we are making this valuable information available on a DVD.

In Introduction to Handling in Agility, Linda describes the foundation needed for consistent handling, as documented in her highly acclaimed book, Developing Handling Skills for Awesome Agility Teams. The book discusses both the theoretical knowledge and the fundamental skills that are needed for success in the sport of agility. The seminar provides an overview of Chapter 1, "Cues," and Chapter 2, "Fundamental Skills," and includes bonus material with demonstrations of the concepts. References to specific pages in the book have been added as well as diagrams of sequences.

This DVD contains a wealth of information that will benefit all handlers, regardless of their background or skill level.