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High Precision, High Scores

Hannah Branigan - Reno 2016

Obedience is a precision game where our dogs' behaviors are judged down to the inch. By isolating specific muscle movements, clicker training gives us the scalpel to shape behaviors to the exacting standards of the obedience ring. The word precision has somehow become synonymous with “boring,” but this is a misconception! We can have our cake and eat it, too. While training for high levels of precision is meticulous and challenging, it can also be fun! We can train for performances that are super-precise, super-accurate, and super-enthusiastic!

In this video presentation, Hannah identifies what a “perfect” behavior looks like for competitive obedience purposes. She then breaks down that behavior into specific movements, and examine the physiological basis of those movements. When we understand which movements result in the behavior, we can identify specific criteria and set up a training session to create the effect we want. Learn to train your eye to see important nuances. Discover which shaping plans give us the precision we need for high scores, while keeping the speed and enthusiasm we want. Find out how to incorporate arousal and complexity, while still maintaining that criteria.