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Halti Opti Fit Head Collar

The new Halti Opti Fit Head Collar is guaranteed to stop pulling, gently and securely! Invented by Dr. Roger Mugford, the Halti Opti Fit steers your dog's head so that his body has to follow. It offers extra control for very strong dogs or smaller handlers, disabled handlers, or handlers with multiple dogs. The collar is also helpful in managing jumping and lunging.

The full-featured head collar has an optimum fit that provides a new contour-hugging design. Cushioned with an internal padding system for supreme comfort and durability, the Halti Opti Fit Head Collar will not rise up near your dog's eyes. A sliding cam-lock system allows customized fitting for every dog, from short-nosed boxers to long-nosed greyhounds. Opti Fit Head Collars also have reflective side strips for additional visibility. The Opti Fit does not restrict mouth movement. Your dog can still eat, drink, and pick up a ball. Training Guide DVD included! Available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Key benefits:

  • Instant control to stop pulling
  • Contoured hugging design for optimum fit
  • Customized fitting for every dog
  • Padded for comfort and durability with reflective side strips for visibility

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