Fear Factors: Understanding and Reducing Fear Across Species - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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Fear Factors: Understanding and Reducing Fear Across Species

Jen Digate - Portland 2017

Fear helps animals survive, but when fear becomes overwhelming or is triggered by everyday situations, learning and safety are both compromised. All animals feel fear, but the expression of that fear varies across species.

In this multi-species Session, we will look at: how the function of fear is the same across all animal species, how different species vary in their expression of that fear and what the species-specific expressions look like, and basic training principles working with fearful animals. When those details are more clear, we will explore different animal-friendly techniques for reducing or modifying fear. We will examine target training, counter-conditioning, and teaching incompatible behaviors as ways to modify fear. Within each technique, we will review videos and brief case histories of individual dogs and horses, paying attention to what stays the same across species and what must be modified for skillful species-specific application.

Join Jen Digate in this unique Session to delve into the finer print of using positive reinforcement to help animals learn to regulate their fear and regain quality of life. 

Total run time: 1:17