Dog Biz University Course: Mastering Day Training - Karen Pryor Clicker Training

Dog Biz University Course: Mastering Day Training

Master day training to master your income, your impact, and your schedule. If you’re tired of struggling to fill your training slots, begging clients to do their part, working nights and weekends, and not achieving the case results you know you could (and that the dogs really need!), it’s time to master day training.

You'll learn how to:

  • Package, structure, schedule, & price your program
  • Decide how much (and what) to include in a package
  • Build a day training b-mod plan
  • Structure and teach your transfer sessions
  • Increase real-world training success for clients
  • Get clients to take active ownership of their role
  • Keep your day training schedule full

Top 4 reasons to master day training:

  • Fill your training slots & increase your income
  • Enjoy better work/life balance
  • Improve training results for clients & dogs
  • Create stronger client participation & buy-in