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Clicker Training for Scent Detection

by Angela Eaton

Run Time: 3 hours 56 minutes

What is Canine Scent Detection? Canine scent detection includes the disciplines of search and rescue; bomb, arson, and drug detection (chemicals); detection of organics; and medical alert. Although most people are familiar with the concept of dogs using their noses to find things, few trainers understand how to teach any of the scent detection disciplines while creating a working partnership with scent dogs. This video provides the most complete course in scent detection available. It offers discussions and demonstrations to explain step-by-step processes using clicker training as the most effective method of developing canine scent detection.

Dogs’ physiology as well as the science and the dynamics of scent are described and illustrated as a basis for understanding dogs’ nose work, and to show the different ways dogs identify or locate specific scents. It’s important to remember to train for the mission—and to train for the worst-case scenario in medical alert. Demonstrations show all steps in training a dog to identify scent, follow scent to its source, and indicate when the source of the scent has been located.

Clicker training is explained as an ideal way to teach scent discrimination, increase the value of the scent, and train special indications—all the while developing a partnership with the dog. The importance of building persistence and fluency for distance, duration, and distractions, as well as building a chain of behaviors, are demonstrated. Although dogs have a natural ability to process scent, this video reveals how good trainers can benefit from that ability through mutual respect and the use of clicker training. Guest speaker Rachel Thornton will discuss how canine scent detection applies to diabetic alert training.