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Clicker Puppy

by Joan Orr

Running time: 48 min.

Winner of the IPDTA Innovation Award!

Clicker Puppy teaches you how to train adorable puppies just weeks old the basics for good canine citizenship ... plus some fun tricks. And all the training is done by children! It's a great, unimposing way to learn how to train for puppy owners of any age.

If you are getting a puppy soon, or already have one in your family, this DVD is our choice for tops on your list.

Learn the basics of clicker training puppies (including puppy behavior and management), including:

  • Target Training
  • Teach "Sit"
  • Teach "Down"
  • Teach "High-Five"
  • Teach Retrieve and Playing Fetch
  • Teaching the Puppy Recall

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