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Brain Games for Dogs

by Claire Arrowsmith

Most pet owners know that keeping pets physically fit and well-exercised is important for a good quality of life. But how many also think about what is going on inside their dogs’ heads?

As this fascinating book reveals, dogs also need mental stimulation to exercise their brains, boost their self-confidence, and strengthen the bond they enjoy with their human families.

Brain Games For Dogs is a brilliantly conceived compendium of fun games, tricks, and activities that you can enjoy with your dog. The activities all can help stretch and challenge your dog mentally, letting your dog enjoy a top-quality workout for the mind. Illustrated throughout with newly commissioned colour studio photography, Brain Games For Dogs emphasizes the pleasure of working together with a dog, tackling new challenges and using the power of play to stimulate and unlock your dog’s full mental potential.

Some of the great games included:

  • Puppy Play
  • Hide and Seek
  • Carry It
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Mini Agility Course
  • Nature's Obstacle Course
  • Find the Treat
  • Roll Over, Play Dead, and other performance tricks

With straightforward text and full-color photographs, Brain Games for Dogs is a valuable guide to important elements in successful, and fun, dog training.