BLD Safety Cord - Karen Pryor Clicker Training

BLD Safety Cord


An exclusive BLD product! Lightweight woven safety cord serves as a back-up attachment for your leash.

Use with flat collars, head halters, martingales, front clip harnesses, or any type of training tool as a fall-back plan. Just in case. Why? Crap happens. Sometimes you need peace of mind by having two points of attachment.

An excellent option for Houdini dogs who somehow wriggle their way out of their gear or shake loose from the leash clip. Used by dozens of dog rescues, shelters, and SPCA’s because it’s “cheap insurance.” Also can be used as a lightweight training tab for smaller breeds, or even as a gear organizer.

Woven safety cords are 3/8 inch (9.5 mm.) wide, soft and lightweight. Cord is 8″ long. Attach to any leash by passing the small snap through the loop.

This is BLD’s best-selling, most popular product. Additional colors and larger quantities are available direct from BLD.

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