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Balance No-Pull Harness

The Balance Harness won the highest rating in the Whole Dog Journal's review of no-pull harnesses! 

The Balance Harness is designed to fit any dog's individual body type while providing comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash-attachment options. The unique design of the harness offers the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness, one that offers comfort, proper movement, and safety.

Key benefits:

  • Fits any shape of dog through a unique design that allows the adjustment of every strap. Even dogs that had problems with rubbing from other harnesses can wear the Balance Harness comfortably.
  • Allows for comfort and total freedom of movement with soft and sturdy webbing.
  • Offers flexible leash attachments, using front and back rings or just one ring.
  • Made in the USA.

 "Easy to put on over the head – colored strap goes on the top. Six adjustment points, no shoulder restriction. Works very well to reduce pulling, with almost no slippage or gapping."

                                                                                                  —Whole Dog Journal

“My dear old dog Nick has been wearing the Balance Harness for the past few months. I love that it's so easy to put on and that it fits him perfectly. Nick seems really comfortable in the harness, and his shoulders have full range of movement (which they didn't have using his previous front-attachment harness). Nick’s comfort is important because the two of us walk together for miles every day.

Based on our personal experience, I have recommended the Balance Harness to my clients as an excellent replacement, in fact as an improvement, for the collar or harness they use currently. If maintaining control of a big dog or a strong puller is an issue, I suggest using a double-ended leash. The Balance Harness is designed to accommodate this type of leash, with attachment rings on both the back and the chest.”

—Kathy Sdao, MA, ACAAB


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