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Aggression (In Depth)

by John Rogerson

This 3-day seminar covers: relationships that owners have with their dogs, defining what is meant by aggression as distinct from aggressive display, genetics, the role of the environment in development, breed traits, and learning theories. The 11-DVD set includes discussion on dogs that are aggressive toward people: the reasons that this occurs, the categories of aggression, and how to assess and measure behavior prior to and during a behavior program. Next is a look at dogs that aggress toward other dogs, once again examining the reasons behind this behavior. Strategies for carrying out behavioral evaluations on dog/dog aggression are covered as are also strategies for improving a dog's behavior.  

Forms of aggression include:

  • Food Aggression
  • Nervous Aggression toward People
  • Dog Aggression On Lead
  • Dog Aggression Off Lead
  • Possession Aggression
  • Protective Aggression

Running time: 19 hours, 40 minutes