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101 Ways to Think Outside the Box

by Emily Larlham

DVD- 5 disc set plus 1 CD-Rom with handouts

If you are new to training or feel like your training could use some spicing up, this DVD is for you! In this seminar DVD, internationally-renowned dog trainer Emily Larlham demonstrates creative ways to teach dogs new skills as well as how to deal with problem behaviors. From building calm foundation to default behaviors (ones the dog just does without being asked) to advanced trick training like hand stands, Emily takes your dog training creativity and precision to the next level! Perfect for freestylers, agility and obedience competitors, dog trainers, pet parents who have shy dogs that need a boost or boisterous dogs that need calming. Great training can make any dog look brilliant, and this seminar will also help you create a great bond and excellent skills around the house, too!

Running Time: 9 hrs