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Full House? Working & Living with Multiple Animals

Ken Ramirez - Cincinnati 2016

Often we teach training by focusing on working one-on-one. But how do we train and work with multiple animals at the same time? In this presentation Ken shares techniques and knowledge he gained from working in the zoological community, where working with groups of animals was the daily norm. He translates that knowledge to working with animals of any type.

Some of the key concepts that Ken focuses on include stationing, fairness, clicker use, and new animal introductions (a new puppy, shelter dog, a cat to a dog, or any species of animal). The first half of this video presentation includes helpful information for trainers at all levels, but the presentation progresses to an advanced case study during the second half.

From 2013 through 2015, Ken was involved in a project where he and his team adopted several very aggressive and reactive dogs. The goal was to use the same techniques Ken has taught to his students for introducing animals (techniques that will be covered during the first half of this presentation) with the problematic dogs rescued from a shelter. Ken shares the step-by-step process in a detailed case study of this special project!

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