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Click and Reward Volume II: Training For Llamas and Alpacas DVD

with Jim and Amy Logan

Explore the fascinating world of clicker training llamas.

Go beyond the basics and learn the finer points of using operant conditioning on llamas and alpacas.

  • See how to get rid of undesirable behaviors such as pushiness, kicking, and spitting.
  • Learn how to teach complex and lengthy behavior chains.
  • Understand how timing and pacing allow you to get the behaviors that you want from your animal.

Clicker training looks like magic, but it's not. It's just good science. Both new and experienced llama and alpaca owners will benefit by incorporating these principles into their own interaction with their animals.

Click and reward training uses shaping, a form of operant conditioning. This is a very powerful training tool that has been in use for years for training whales, dolphins, elephants and a variety of other animals. It makes the llama a willing and eager participant in its own training, seeking to achieve success by guessing and selecting the “right” behavior that the trainer is desiring. The llama then becomes a true partner in the training process.

Click & Reward Volume II is the follow up to Click & Reward Volume I Clicker Training Basics