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"You don't say!" The word-free teaching and training game

The word-free teaching and training table game. Experience what it means to be taught through this incredibly fun and stimulating game that teaches clicker training. For ages 6 to 106.

  • Why does your dog always spin before sitting? Or bark before jumping?
  • Do you have a smart dog who just can't seem to understand a simple cue?
  • Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking?

Enter your dog's mind—or that of any other clicker trained animal—in the most exciting, enlightening new game for trainers and handlers ever devised. "You don't say!" The Word-Free Teaching and Training Game reveals the art and power of clicker training, and how it feels to be our dogs, in a clever table-top game played between two people.

This is how it works: Find a partner and grab a set of "You don't say!" One player becomes the teacher and the other becomes the learner. Open the set and spread the various objects in it across your table top. You'll see each set is filled with a curious—but not random-assortment: dice, toy solders, toy cars, dominos, clothespins, hair clips, and more. Each set also includes a clicker, a set of playing cards, and a collection of "rewards."

Now, with your clicker and rewards, can you train your partner to point to a clothespin? Can you train her to pick up a toy soldier? Can you train her to roll a domino and turn the toy car upside-down? Can you put each behavior on a cue? All without speaking a single word?

Yes, you can! In the process, you'll discover more about when to click, how to deliver the reward, and shape behavior in less time than you ever knew before. You and your partner will find yourselves howling with laughter, gasping with sudden understanding, and having a lot of fun.

"You don't say!" is the ideal introduction for students and other newbies to the principles and practice of clicker training. Launch a clicker class for pet owners with a round of the game, and watch your students become thoughtful, skilled clicker trainers right from the beginning.

It is experienced trainers, however, who often learn the most when playing "You don't say!" The cause of stubborn training problems becomes clear. Alternative methods of reaching the same goal arise. Long-term misunderstandings between you and your dog can be erased. And, because it's a clicker game, your leaps in learning will be reinforced by all the fun you have playing the game. "You don't say!"

The game "You don't say!" is produced and distributed in the US by KPCT under a licensing agreement with Kay Laurence.