Collection for Professionals

Coaching People to Train Their Dogs

by Terry Ryan

Practical Information & Expert Advice for Dog Training Instructors

Terry Ryan has been a mentor - maybe guru is a better word - for a whole generation of modern dog trainers who have benefited from her books, lectures, and seminars on dog training and class instruction. This 400 page trainer's manual includes just about anything today's modern professional dog trainer needs to know - training methods, learning theory, running a training business, and class organization.

You’ll find chapters on:

  • Ethology
  • People Skills
  • Learning Theory
  • Class Organization
  • Plus—Lesson Plans and Class Handouts

Of particular note is Chapter 6, "People Skills," where Terry focuses on how to interact with human students, the one part of the training equation that is sometimes overlooked. This edition has a new chapter on Animal Husbandry and some revised lessons plans.

“This book is a supermarket of concepts and approaches. Just like a supermarket, you don’t take everything in one trip. You come back and take what you need when you need it. Sometimes you take something new, sometimes you take old favorites.”                                                                                                                                                                                —Steve White

About the author:
Terry Ryan’s enduring area of interest is in pet dogs and their people. Legacy Canine Behavior and Training, Inc., was founded in 1975 to provide community pet dog classes and seminars. A busy national and international workshop presenter herself, Terry also hosts camps, internships, and instructor courses at her training center on Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.