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Neko Flies Foxifur Kittenator

Every cat—from kitten to elder—won’t be able to resist these lifelike critters that mimic the movements of the critters cats love to chase!

These beautifully designed wand cat toys can accommodate a variety of interchangeable toys (sold separately) that attach with a metal clasp. The clasp attachment allows the string to rotate on the wand, which keeps the string from getting tangled, and makes playing much more enjoyable.

The kragonfly (dragonfly) features crinkly, iridescent wings that are irresistible when they take flight. The kittenator (mouse) features realistic fur and is hinged in the middle so the backside moves realistically.

Key benefits:

  • Recommended by vets, as this toy promotes healthier lifestyle through exercise while strengthening the human-feline bond
  • The string never becomes tangled because the metal clasp rotates on the wand
  • Perfect for cats of all ages
  • Great for people with disabilities, as it is easy to play actively with cats from a distance
  • Inspires natural hunting and stalking skills