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Refining Your Training Skills

By Emily Larlham

How can we improve our training skills? Emily created the seminar Refining Your Training Skills as her answer to this very question based on her own observations, research, and insights during her journey of training dogs. 

The definition of “refine” is to remove unwanted elements, or to purify. We can dissect training by pulling all the pieces apart and assessing each piece’s function separately. In this DVD, Emily covers the importance of proactive training and provides solutions to training plans gone awry. 

This seminar presented on the DVD focuses on how we can open our awareness and consciousness to our own actions and those of our dogs. Investigate how drastic changes can occur from just the simple choices of marker, reinforcer, reinforcement delivery, reinforcement placement, and what we do between training. 

The majority of the seminar on this DVD is based not on what to train, but how to train. However, Emily will use workshop exercises like teaching a “Keep Going“ signal and precision heelwork to demonstrate concepts.

About the author: Emily Larlham combines her artistic background and training skills to come up with creative, fast, and reliable ways to solve problem behaviors and train complex behaviors and tricks. She created the term “Progressive Reinforcement Training” to describe a non-violent way of training animals that involves no forms of physical or psychological intimidation. Emily has led seminars in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia on Progressive Reinforcement Training. She is also known for posting free dog-training videos on YouTube under the name “kikopup.” Emily's belief is that everyone should have access to information about how to train dogs in the most humane and ethical manner.